September 21, 2010

Just keep my kids away!

Apparently my kids plus technology is a bad thing. I have four blog posts ready to put up. They are all typed up but I need to add the photos to them. So I went to get my digital camera from my purse. My family had a get together with my fiances family the other day and I put my camera in my purse in case I wanted to take pictures. That was a big mistake. My five year old jumped on my purse. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Well I am sure thinking back on it now because my camera is broken and I cant get my images off the camera. Oh, and low and behold the LCD is cracked in two places which makes taking pictures impossible since I cant see what I am taking a picture of. Update: the above pictures was taken with my camera phone.

I am very frustrated. My lovely tech head of a significant other was woken up by me rummaging thru boxes and drawers searching for my old camera. It wasn't found as of yet. I have some images to retake now and he promised to try to get the data off my SD card. I do love that man. He does wonderful things with broken stuff. Sadly he cant fix my camera. I am crossing my fingers that I find my old camera or I am going to break my bank and end up buying a new one. I enjoy taking pictures too much to not have a decent camera around! The old one is a pain in the butt to get a clear image but it is better than the nothing I have at the moment.

So I am sorry for my lack of good posts. I have them lined up I swear... just could take a day or two before I am able. Darn my chipmunks! First my oldest messes up the laptop and now the youngest breaks the camera. I am sure something else is bound to follow. They are destructive little ones I tell you.

Until I am able to take pictures, (because camera phone pictures are just not worthy of posting) Happy Polishing!

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