September 14, 2010


Getting glitter off from a Mani is ALWAYS hell. Here are a few tips.
  • Saturate a cotton ball.. don't be stingy with that polish remover
  • Hold the cotton ball against the nail firmly for 30 seconds
  • Count SLOWLY
  • Pull the cotton ball towards the end of the nail in a slow firm motion
  • If the glitter doesn't completely come off, repeat the steps above until polish is off
  • Don't try to use a cotton ball for all fingers. Glitter takes from 4-8 cotton balls to get off for me easily. Be nice to your nails!
The tips I just said above can be some of the best things to learn. It helps prevent peels, cuticles from being damaged and saves time. For some this may seem or feel like a waste of polish remover and cotton balls but weigh the pros and cons.

So my last Mani was hell to get off. I just finished. The worst glitter from it had to be Ick-a-bod-y by China Glaze. That glitter almost refused to come off. I found myself using a wood cuticle pusher to peel up the edges of the polish after trying twice to get it off and then going at it again.

So all of that aside, this is my new Mani. I used Kiwi Cool-ada by China Glaze topped by Sour Apple by China Glaze. Reminds me of Slimer from Ghostbusters. I love it.

My Mani in the sunlight.

In the shade.

Here is Kiwi Cool-ada by itself before I laid Sour Apple on top of it. Happy Polishing everyone!

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