September 12, 2010

Autumn Sparkle 'N' Fade

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love watching the trees change color, love how the air gets a nice bitter chill that is just right, and I love how the sun will warm you even in the cool breeze. The leaves here aren't in full change yet, but the leaves are starting to show small changes on their edges. In  few weeks everything will be in bright warm colors.

When I got my packages in the mail the other day, I really had every intention of playing with my china glaze Halloween colors. Somehow I got overwhelmed by all of the colors laid out before me. So instead of going thru with my intention, I asked my fiance to pick one of my new colors. As my last post shows, he picked the neon purple. (honestly he told me to use the third polish from the left second row up, and he didn't bother looking) Well now that all of those awesome colors are on my shelves and out of sight, I decided to follow thru with the awakening line ideas. This first Mani with the line is using Ick-a-bod-y and Zombie Zest... as well as Sinful Colors All About You.

As you can see I use diagonal chunks of color. Green, Gold, Orange. Reminds me of fall soo much and the transitions leaves go thru.

Next I took my bundle monster plates and used BM  and BM . The falling leaves images I heart... I really wish I had an orange special polish for this Mani though. Its been on my wish list for over a year. Darn Konad for stopping the use of Coupon codes.

Last on each ring finger I used black to make a silhouette of a leaf. Then added more All about you over the whole nail. I am tempted to redo my ring fingers and just use Zombie zest over the whole nail with the black leaf and then the gold glitter... but really that's more work than I'm willing to do right now. I will be coming back to these colors so I will have to come up with some fun later that is similar!

Like? Hate? Give me some feed back.  Oh and pardon this last image... its my left hand before I cleaned it up... most of my images didn't turn out well at all. The camera seemed to have a really hard time with all the glitter. If its sunny tomorrow I will attempt to add an image of the Mani in natural light.

Update: Okay this here is in direct sunlight... looks so much better than my pics from last night

And here we have the shade. I really wish the Sinful Colors color weren't so thin. I love the color to pieces, but its a bit on the thin side. Would benefit muchly from a higher count of glitter to lacquer ratio. I think if or better when I redo this mani I will skip the gold stripe... maybe just use a layer on top of the split between the other two colors. As always if I do redo this, I will be sure to post my findings.

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