September 26, 2010

How I store my supplies

So I know everyone has their own way of storing supplies, but I thought I would share mine. Perhaps it will help someone who is having storage issues. First image is toolbox. I think I got this at Target but it has a tray and the lid has a compartment area with a snap closed lid. Makes organizing my various tools easy.

This is a 100 slot photo album. I picked it up after getting sick of having to flip thru plates all the time and cutting my fingers on the sharp edges. Those faux-nad plates can be nasty. This keeps everything compact and organized (yeah I have a slight bit of OCD).

Inside my photo album I have stored plates and all of my decals, stripes, foil lace etc. Really makes looking thru and for things so much simpler than digging thru a pile of bags and sheets of decals looking for something.

This here is my collection of scrapers. As you can see i have the basic scraper from Konad, a plastic one and then razor blade with holder. I personally find that the razor blade works the best. I can replace the blade when it gets too dull, my plates don't get scratched as much and the paint is smoothly removed in one swipe as opposed to sometimes two which has happened many times to myself with the basic Konad scraper.

Three of my stampers. My double sided stamper. Love the smaller side for little designs. Then I have the basic large stamper and a faux-nad stamper that came with some faux-nad plates I ordered off EBay.

These little empty jars are a staple in my freelance makeup work. But I have come to use them for my nail art as well. They are wonderful for storing glitter hex, loose shapes and other various things. Most items come in small bags that are a pain to get the decorative shapes out of and back into. These make working with them so much easier. I get these small screw cap jars from

Well this is all I have for you today. Happy Polishing!

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