September 4, 2010

Lisa Frank: Zebra Shark take Two

I said I would post this, and here it is. This is my take two. I like this ALOT better. I think the green I used before was just too dark and over powered everything. Also the addition of "bubbles" rather than dots helps muchly.

I used OPI: Ogre-the-top blue again, but this time I used Milani: Green Glow. I really like how it all came togehter because the contrast between green glow and Ogre is nice. Green Glow is a bit shimmery. Its a great color really, but it takes three coats to make it opaque without streaks.

As you can see three plates were used on this look. Two of them are faux-nad products from Hong Kong. I got them off of ebay. I used m02 faux-nad for light blue spots and the bubbles from under the mermaid on M72 faux-nad to create the fishy bubble look.

Of course since zebra print is on M57 Konad it was used for the zebra print... I took three different special polish colors and striped the plate before scraping. Pink, puple, and green. If you ask me I sure used alot of colors in this.

And here are a few more pictures of the end result. My next endevor is to attempt a crazy fall look. I just ordered the bundle monster plates and I am awaiting those. Im stoked to start doing some crazy halloween nails. Its my favorite holiday!


  1. hi!
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  2. Wow! Great manicure! I really can't do that, haha!
    I'm a new follower :)

  3. Hi Lois... thanks for following. And I am sure you could do this if you really wanted to, If you want/ need better instructions I am more than willing to help you out.


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