September 24, 2010

Why did the Lizard Cross the Road?

Why did the Lizard Cross the Road? To get to the next nail of course! So yesterday I was mad at my chipped nails, mad at the crappy camera mad  about it seemed everything. Just one of those days. Earlier in the day I was listening to the radio and they did a segment about things that are better than or just as good as sex for people. Some called in and said foods, others messages, coffee, shopping, etc. I realized last night that giving myself an amazing Mani does it. Its like an amazing high.

This Mani is a redo. I had this awesome design on my camera that broke. I had a post all ready to go too, and I just decided to delete everything but the title and start over again. I changed it just a TINY bit from what I did the first time and feel I should write about what I did specifically for the pictures I have now.

My base is L8r G8r by China Glaze. I love this color and only wish I could find the rest of the OMG collection. They are my lemming. I love the Milani holos but the two are very different. Yes they are holos but the OMGs are very fine holos. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a swap with someone for a few of them if it ever arises.

I used Konad Special Polish in Green for the "Road" and Konad Princess Special Polish in Apple Green for the Lizards.

Plate BM15 of Bundle Monster was used for the lizards. If you couldn't tell by the picture. Then again you never know when someone is going to be a bit blond and not pay attention. So I shall just cover my own arse and state the obvious!

Bundle Monster plate BM11 was used for the road. The strip that looks like a bubble curtain. Or maybe dots? Eh I suppose its all about how you perceive things.

This is the full look in direct sunlight.

And in regular light. Kinda blah lime according to the camera. To the naked eye no matter what lighting I can still see the halo a bit even if its dim... but sunshine equals BLING!

That's all for today Ladies and Gents... Happy Polishing!


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