September 6, 2010

Ians glittery holo's

First off YAY laptop isn't completely dead. It has a bad section of ram though. I shall frown thru this and enjoy posting until Wednesday when I am taking this dumb piece of electronics back into best buy for a third time. The ram was changed out a few months back and a few months before that my hard drive had died for no reason. Just up and stopped working one day. The fiance ran a bunch of tests, water didn't get in anything but my keyboard which is nice and clean right now, but yea I will be out of the ability to post pics for sure now. Okay ONWARD TO THE NAILS!

My five year old has been as obsessed with nail polish and makeup as I am since he was almost 3. He loves picking polish colors and having me paint his nails. I personally see nothing wrong with it and let him wear eye shadow, make his hair crazy colors ect. My Oldest son isn't into nail polish anymore. For a long time he loved getting his nails painted too but a little girl started teasing him about it and he hasn't wanted me to do it since.

Ian wanted to use my blue 3D Holo polish from Milani aka Cyberspace. So being the fun mom I am, I indulged him and painted all his nails. Then he saw my nails with the glittery tips and decided he wanted glitter on his as well. So He grabbed Sinful Colors in Pinky Glitter and handed it to me. I thought what the heck and put it on top. He decided it was awesome and had me put top coat on next. Mind you he himself picked all of the products and demanded topcoat. Cute as all hell if you ask me. *yes that is my IMO crazy polish collection*

Right after he ran up to my fiance and insisted Kyle tell him how awesome they looked. Gotta luv that kid. Also gotta luv how his color selections came together. I'm digging it!

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