September 1, 2010

I heart Sunset

Just got done with this Mani... couldn't wait to post it. I love this one sooo sooo much. Its bright, fun and colorful. Totally makes me want to run around and say Aloha! to everyone I see, if only it weren't very early morning.

I started out this Mani with three polishes in hand and a ton of ideas swirling around my head. While sorting polishes tonight after I went a little nuts in the drugstore brand isle at the store I somehow set these three colors next to each other: OPI Tangerine Scene, OPI You're such a kabuki queen, and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky. Seeing them lined up next to each other made me want to paint my nails with all three.
On a side note, I have the best Fiance in the world. Tonight while we were shopping he told me to pick what I wanted and not worry about it. That man loves me, I bought 6 new glittery polishes. *squeals* Best cheer me up I have had that I can recall. This is obviously what lead to this nail look so I have to plug him in!

The first step for this look was laying down the yellow in a basic even three layer coating over a base. I completely made a mess as you can see. I will blame the late hour on this.

Next, I took a makeup sponge and glass plate. Anyone could really use anything that you don't mind getting nail polish on really... this is just the first thing that came to mind since I use my plates all the time when I paint on canvas.

As you can see I taped around my nails. Sponging on color makes a huge mess. Its a pain in the ass to get off too. If you look at my last picture you can see that I didn't bother to tape off the nails on that hand. Took me a long while to get all of that polish off to. Tape is your friend ladies and gents!
To get this effect I went a third of the nail from the cuticle and sponge painted with orange... then 2/3rds of the way down with the pink.

And tada... let dry a bit, carefully remove tape, and you have the fun look of a sunset.

Last I took my violet Konad special polish and stamped these fun flowers from plate m57. I am not sure if anyone can tell, but I didn't wait long enough before konading and smudged a few nails. My top coat helps to conceal my mess ups a bit, but its one of those lessons learned. Next time I better go facebook or something for a bit before getting over zealous.


  1. This is so cute! I should try this out sometime, I have some makeup sponges somewhere.

  2. I am following you now. :) I love the mani its so cute. Great blog.


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